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Welcome to A.T.T'S pipe bursting page.

Pipe bursting was first developed in the UK in the late 1970s by D. J. Ryan & Sons in
conjunction with British Gas, for the replacement of small-diameter, 3- and 4-inch cast
iron gas mains (Howell 1995). The process involved a pneumatically driven, coneshaped
bursting head operated by a reciprocating impact process. This method was
patented in the UK in 1981 and in the United States in 1986; these patents expired in
April, 2005. When it was first introduced, this method was used only in replacing cast
iron gas distribution lines; it was later employed to replace water and sewer lines. By
1985, the process was further developed to install up to 16-inch outer diameter (OD)
medium-density polyethylene (MDPE) sewer pipe. Replacement of sewers in the UK
using sectional pipes as opposed to continuously welded PE pipe was described in a
paper by Boot et al. (1987). Up to 2006, approximately 9,000 miles of PE pipe has been
installed by bursting (Najafi, 2006). Currently, pipe bursting is used to replace water
lines, gas lines, and sewer lines throughout the world.
We offer a wide range of pipe bursting techniques in the UK. Whatever you need, you can be certain we have a suitable technique to replace or upsize your existing sewer pipes. Whether you are a utilities company or contractor, house builder or developer, public sector facility, commercial enterprise or home owner, we can advise you on the best technique for your situation.
The perfect pipe replacement system for difficult locations, Miniburst offers these benefits:
Can be operated from existing manholes
Bursts through clayware, pitch fibre, concrete, asbestos cement and other common materials
Pipe diameters of 75mm, 100mm and 150mm in lengths of up to 50 metres
New pipe is either short section or continuously welded in MDPE or HDPE
New pipes have a design life of three or four times that of a repaired pipe
Quiet and discrete
The Miniburst portability and quietness lends itself to pipe replacement in confined areas such as gardens, narrow alleys and some basements. We have successfully used Miniburst for local authorities, housing associations, insurance companies, utilities companies and the residential market.
pipe bursting
pipe bursting

An economical and quick alternative where pipe upsizing isn't required, or where the upsize is a small increase, Rod Pulling (Maxiburst) offers the following benefits:
Can be operated from existing manholes
Pipe diameters range from 100mm to 750mm in lengths of up to 200 metres
New pipes can take pressures of up to 16 Bar
SDR 11, SDR 17.6 and SDR 26 wall thicknesses can be used
The system breaks down for easy installation and removal
Can be used in conjunction with our Snapit pipe system
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